About CPH

Citizens for Public Health

Citizens for Public Health is comprised of citizens who believe in the importance of public health. We are advocating to sustain the current services of the DeKalb County Health Department by approving the April 4, 2017 Referendum for public health in DeKalb County.

What is Public Health?

"What is Public Health?" That was the assignment given to Katie Mooney for her Masters in Public Health graduate internship at the DeKalb County Health Department (DCHD). Katie's project focused on the services and staff of the health department. This video will teach you more about DCHD, the organization the referendum would support, and the value of public health in our community.

CPH Committee


Jane Lux & Mike Mooney


Kevin McArtor

Committe members

Derryl Block     

Evelina Cichy     

Steve Faivre     

Ronald Feldmann, MD     

Karen Grush     

Marj Askins     

Jacob Imm     

Steve Lux     

Chris Porterfield     

Paul Stoddard     

Richard Turner          

Micki Chulick     

Pat Faivre     

Julia Fauci     

Cindy Graves     

Michael Haines     

Lori Imes     

Steve Kuhn     

Mark Pietrowski, Jr     

Kori Rempfer     

Marilyn Stromborg     

Lisa Gonzalez, Advisor